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Hearing Aids

Hearing Aids

Use your Remaining Hearing to its full potential.  That is all the Hearing Instrument Special has to work with –  THE HEARING YOU HAVE LEFT!!  If a person takes action when they first notice a Hearing Difficulty…The Brain retains  what it already knows. But if a person waits until they have not heard for several years, the Brain has to be “Retrained” to hear sounds again and understand language.

First visit is a complimentary complete hearing test in the Sound Room - It takes about an hour –

Then we shop the Industry for You.

Many major brands and all styles available. We guarantee our hearing aids for 3 years. No additional expense for cleaning, adjustments, repairs, programming, and unlimited visits for 3 years.


BTE [Behind-the-Ear] hearing aid (Not Pictured)
is a traditional choice and was the beginning of ear level hearing aids.

ITE [In-the-Ear] hearing aid
In a custom form ear mold that fits the outer portion of the ear.
Its size is helpful for those with limited dexterity.

ITC [In-the-Canal] hearing aid

It is smaller and fits down in the ear canal.

CIC [Completely In Canal] hearing aid 
It is barely visible, and is pulled out by handle.  The right one may be red, or have a red dot on it.  The left one may be blue, or have a blue dot on it.


OTE [On the Ear] (Not pictured)
Sits on the ear with a thin tubing down to the canal
Several styles depending on the Manufacturer

RIC [Receiver in Canal] 
Advanced Sound Quality, Comfort & Design especially for you from the makers of the
patented ‘Receiver in Canal’.

We provide the latest technology at reasonable prices.

The ability to hear a wide spectrum of high frequency sounds is essential for speech understanding, localizing the direction of sound, and distinguishing speech from other sounds and noise. You can be tested and fitted with a hearing aid the same day.

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